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​銅片、不銹鋼、不銹鐵、 鋁片、鋁合金

銅片、不銹鋼、不銹鐵、 鋁片、鋁合金

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鴻輝五金有限公司成立於 1996 年, 擁有25年歷史,深受客戶信任. 本公司以香港為基地, 提供優質, 完善的服務,,配合專業技術及設備為客戶服務。


專營各類銅片、不銹鋼、不銹鐵、 鋁片、鋁合金等各種原料。除本地市場外,客戶銷售網絡遍佈中國,日本, 韓國,台灣,歐洲 及美國等國際市場。



Hung Fai Metal Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1996, which is a reliable and professional metal supplier with slitting service. With production based in Hong Kong, Hung Fai Metal aims to provide quality service to customers through our reliable planted facilities and technical expertise.

Our company mainly provides various types of Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminum for distribution in the local market, as well as in the international markets such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and USA market.

Our corporate mission is to provide quality products and customer service. Products are environmental friendly, all products meet with international requirements and certificates can be provided.

To ensure our product quality, we employed a number of experienced technicians to support and tightly control the production process, and our product quality are known as one of the best in the industry.

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不锈鋼: SUS301, 304, 304BA-2B, 304DDQ, 631, 316, 420J2, 430  青銅: C2680, C2600  紅銅: C1100, C1020  鈹銅: C1
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本公司之原料主要產地: 日本、韓國、台灣、巴林、歐洲、中國等地。


不锈鋼: SUS301, 304, 304BA-2B, 304DDQ, 631, 316, 420J2, 430

青銅: C2680, C2600

紅銅: C1100, C1020

鈹銅: C17200

白銅: C7521, C7701

磷銅: C5191, C5210

鋁片: A1050, A1100

鋁合金: A5052

Our products are mainly from: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Bahrain, Europe and China.

Our company specializes in the supply of:

Stainless steel: SUS301, 304, 304BA-2B, 304DDQ, 631, 316, 420J2, 430

Brass bronze: C2680, C2600

Copper: C1100, C1020

Beryllium copper: C17200

Nickel Silver: C7521, C7701

Phospher Bronze: C5191, C5210

Aluminum: A1050, A1100

Aluminum Alloy: A5052



Electronic parts, computer and printer parts, motor vehicle parts, electric appliances, lighting and lamps parts, construction materials, cellphone parts, toy parts, kitchenware, and medical equipments etc.



Flat 48, Block F, 17/F, Wah Lok Ind. Centre, Phase 2, 31-35 Shan Mei Street, Shatin, N.T.


61-63 Au Pui Wan Street, Yale Industrial Centre, G/F, Unit 5, Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T.

電話 TEL: 23416363

傳真 FAX: 23438767

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